Liko Aʻe Scholarship!


While we may oppose the building of the TMT on Mauna Kea, we are not anti-science or anti-education and to that end, please note that Liko Aʻeʻs scholarship deadline is May 1st.  One of the great things about this scholarship is that you do not have to reside in the state of Hawaiʻi to qualify.  Awesome!  Check it out and spread the word.



Earlier this month, a small group of ‘ōiwi and friends made their way up the scenic Little Cottonwood Canyon.  The reason?  To gather and show support for the efforts to protect Mauna Kea.  Though we may be thousands of miles away, our piko remains the same. You may see a handful of people. WE SEE THOUSANDS. Our kūpuna are with us.

Nā keiki. Aloha 'Āina warriors
Nā keiki. Aloha ‘Āina warriors

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Kaumaha. Kiaʻi i kēia Wao Akua


You know how sometimes itʻs difficult to say something? How it can be difficult to say how you feel because itʻs hard to get past that huge lump of emotion?  Sometimes its difficult to write past the emotion too.

Currently atop our kupuna Mauna Kea, our people are standing in protection, in objection, to the building of yet another telescope on our sacred grounds.  While some may make the statement that ʻ…All lands are sacred to Hawaiians…” in an effort to be flippant, itʻs true.  All of our land are sacred to us because every piece is a piece of us.  Our story, our history, struggle, love, lives.  The land cradles not just life that feeds us, and fills us, but it literally cradles the bones of our ancestors which nourish and provide for us. It holds our ʻiewe and our collective memory and mana.

There are some spaces however, that are of primary importance, one of which is Mauna Kea.  Also called Mauna-A-Wākea, belonging to Wākea, in ancient times, this land, this area was not the be entered into lightly. Kahuna with specific need would enter the space.  Our people would enter that sacred space to do sacred things. It was not a casual affair. There was no casual intent when entering into Wao Akua. The bones, the essence of many of our esteemed ancestors are cradled there, providing inspiration, guidance and protection, literally from above.

Additionally, to be found there is the home of Kihawahine. Lake Waiau.  A sacred dwelling, known for itʻs pristine beauty, the waters here are special.  High above us, the water found there has not ʻtouched the groundʻ and in our practices of healing, these types of water carry the strongest impact due to its purity.

There are so many profound ways in which Mauna Kea is sacred to us. There are many places where you can find out more but I believe the link below to be the most significant.

Mauna A Wakea